DocSales in Action: The Real World

What Happens to Sales Operations, Sales Team Performance, KPIs and
Revenue after Implementing DocSales

Name: Aubicon

Industry: Rubber flooring and sound isolation solutions

CRM: Agendor

“DocSales created a more automated and faster sales process for us.”

Haran Figueiredo
Sales Manager

Name: Caio Bana Companies

Industry: Workplace Safety and Compliance

CRM: Pipedrive

“Implementing DocSales in a company is just a very smart business decision.”

Caio Bana

Name: Celero

Industry: SaaS financial platform

CRM: Pipedrive

“Our sales conversion rate increased to 61% after we implemented DocSales.”

André Schmitt
Sales Closer

Name: Concil

Industry: Enterprise Software

CRM: Pipedrive

“DocSales reduced the time reps spend creating proposals by 90%.”

Rafael Oliveira
Sales Manager

Name: Ramper

Industry: Sales Intelligence SaaS


“We now have a complete digital sales loop from documents and emails, to customer review and e-signing.”

Ricardo Corrêa

Name: Santos Assessoria

Industry: Accounting and Taxation

CRM: None

“DocSales is the dorsal spine
of our sales department.”

Wilson Matos
Sales Manager

Name: Vindi

Industry: Online payments

CRM: Pipedrive

“DocSales reduced our sales cycle by 8 days.”

Alexandra Papangelacos
Sales Manager

Name: Vispe Consultoria Empresarial

Industry: Investing and Financial Consulting 

CRM: RD Station

“In addition to integrating
e-signing, DocSales tracks everything for us.”

Maria Eduarda
Sales Manager



Perfectly personalized for prospects without you actually having to do very much.



Error-free quoting. Confirm details with a SOW then share by email and WhatsApp.



Branding and fine print. An error-free, close-ready contract with the T&Cs and integrated e-signing.



Closing convenience and security in a click. Simplify life for your customers and sales management.