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B2B Industrial Supplier Sees Multiple Benefits
From Creating Automated Sales Closing Process


Rubber flooring and sound isolation solutions




South America



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5 in-house reps and 30 manufacturer reps

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Aubicon is the market leader in Brazil for rubber flooring and acoustic management solutions, using an internal sales team of five and a network of manufacturer’s reps to sell to gyms, schools, companies and government clients. Managing proposals and contracts using spreadsheets became increasingly difficult and challenging as sales grew because deals were taking too long to close and institutional knowledge was lost when reps left. Sales Manager Haran Figueiredo knew he needed a better management system. Implementing DocSales in June 2019 for his internal and external sales channels has fundamentally changed how sales opportunities are managed, with key improvements in overall process, customer experience, document tracking and data analytics.

Results & ROI

DocSales users:

Centralizing everything in one platform created efficiency and eliminated data loss. With more visibility, managers can easily monitor negotiation issues and deal status.

Process for Sales Reps:

Reps have more control and help from managers when needed. Sending documents by email and Whatsapp improves customer experience, while e-signing reduces


Haran Figueiredo

Sales Manager

“DocSales gives managers and sales reps more control. When reps left our company, transferring their knowledge was almost impossible because everything was done in spreadsheets. DocSales fixed this. Managers can easily understand where deals are. If I need to help out, I can easily see what’s going on before talking to them. Sending documents by email or Whatsapp for e-signing makes us look more professional to prospects. Reps are alerted when documents are opened, viewed and signed so there’s no need to ask customers what’s going on. Overall, DocSales created a more automated and faster sales process for us.”

Software that Shortens Sales Cycles



Perfectly personalized for prospects without you actually having to do very much.



Error-free quoting. Confirm details with a SOW then share by email and WhatsApp.



Branding and fine print. An error-free, close-ready contract with the T&Cs and integrated e-signing.



Closing convenience and security in a click. Simplify life for your customers and sales management.