Sales Automation from CRM to Payment & beyond

Simplify how sales teams prepare, track and e-sign proposals & contracts and integrate sales to finance to speed-up sales cycle and receivables.

DocSales in your sales stack

Facebook and Google Ads. All your lead generation strategies

Qualify your leads. Integrate your CRM for more automation

Create an error-free, close-ready contracts and proposals

E-signatures make life easier for your customers, clients and recordkeeping

Blling Integration with Quickbooks, Xero, Recurly, Zuora

Create proposals, contracts and more


Perfectly personalized for prospects without you actually having to do very much.


Error-free quoting. Confirm details with a SOW then share by email and WhatsApp.


Branding and fine print.
An error-free, close-ready contract with the T&Cs and integrated e-signing.

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Leverage your document creation experience

Personalize templates with your branding

Recreate the sales formalization documents (proposals, quotes, agreements, contracts, etc) you currently use as DocSales templates. The exact same layout: your logo, complete branding, images, typography, tables.
Say goodbye to Microsoft Word. #SayGoodbyeToWord


No more CTRL+C CTRL+V from CRM to Doc

Plug and play integration with leading CRMs in just three clicks.  

1) Docsales import your CRM opportunity data

2) We update your CRM by adding notes and links to the signed documents

3) DocSales update the deal status to WON and add the document value.


Powerfully simple feedback survey

No one closes 100% of their opportunities and you don’t get to Yes every time. When it is a No, wouldn’t it be really useful to learn why that person didn’t say Yes? We’ve created a simple feedback loop when No happens.

When the prospect Rejects the document, you can use a short questionnaire to find out why. This feedback is emailed back to the sales rep, and added to the customer profile in DocSales and the Notes field in your CRM.   

Signature workflow

Set a signing order. Define who will be the first signer, the second and so on.

More control of the signature process.


Do you use Google Docs to create contracts? 

Prepare contracts and any document on google Docs and send them for signature using DocSales. You just need to integrate both systems using an API key and you’re ready to scale your document signatures.


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Pricing & Plans

DocGen Starter

Perfect for startups or small teams
$ 49
per month
  • 10 users

  • Unlimited documents

  • DocGen - Document generator
  • Unlimited legally binding eSignatures

  • Signature workflow
  • Google Docs plugin
  • Document reading alerts and notifications

  • Document rejection survey

  • Support by email

DocGen Business

Perfect for advanced sales teams and SMBs
$ 99
per month
  • 10 users Additional users $ 19.90

  • All the DocGen Starter plan features plus:

  • CRMs integration: Pipedrive, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, FreshSales, Close & SharpSpring.
  • Sales teams setup

  • Webhook

  • Priority support by e-mail or WhatsApp


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