DocSales for Closers

An automated system to create, send and e-sign proposals, quotes and contracts.

DocSales helps sales teams closing more deals with less paperwork


Document generation integrated to CRMs

Integration with the main CRMs of the market with just a click.

Generate quotes, proposals and contracts importing your client’s information (contact, product/service, etc) from the CRM register – including the prices and comercial conditions, besides adicional fields.

Proposal and quotes automation

Reduce 90% of your time elaborating comercial proposals and sales documents.

Generate and send personalized quotes in one minute, integrating your documents templates with the information in your CRM.


Improve your conversion in the final sales stage

Sales reps lose 20% of the deals after sending any document that formalize the sale. Understand why your are losing sales right when you are in the final stage – the signature.

Look at the analytics of the document – how many times and how much time the document was seen – so you can follow up your client on the right time.

Contracts automation with electronic signature

Generate and send personalized contracts in one minute, importing information and conditions of the CRM alredy integrated to the electronic signature.

You and your clients sign documents fast with legal bounding, reducing your sales cicle. In DocSales, 80% of the documents are signed in the first 24 hours.


Our Customers’ Success Doesn’t Require
a Waiting Period

“Sales proposals used to take
at least 30 min… It’s now less than five.”

- Workplace safety training company

“DocSales shortened sales cycles and
the time our reps spend on paperwork.”

- Sales intelligence software

“DocSales reduced our sales
cycle by 8 days.”

- Online payments provider

“Our sales conversion increased
to 61%.”

- SaaS financial platform