How it works

The submission phase is the most critical and time-consuming sales stage

And most CRMs and sales methodologies don’t solve the problem.
DocSales leverage the power of your CRM to turn leads into customers faster and easier. The software allows the creation of a SUB Sales FUNNEL, the FORMALIZATION FUNNEL. New phases are added to the traditional funnel so that you can manage what is happening in each of them.

1 – Select CRM Opportunity

First, link the sales document to be prepared with your CRM opportunity. Then define which sales document template you want to use.

2 – Setup Commercial Conditions

Define terms, products and services, and business conditions on a personalized basis for each customer with just a few clicks.

3 – Submit and Track Sales Document

Email the sales document to find out when your proposal was read, how long the buyer stayed on each page, or whether they shared it with someone in the company.

4 – Sign the sales document

The subscription can be online or paper. Customer may reject and enter its reasons, or approve the sales document through DocSales itself.

Check here the legal validity of documents digitally signed by DocSales

5 – Charge your customers or integrate with your ERP

DocSales will soon be integrated with various payment methods to charge you once the contract is signed. Or, you can send the new contract to the corporate ERP to be charged there.

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