Sales Automation Software

Software, data connectivity and integrated communications

We believe that many sales tasks are much better handled by software and technology.
Put DocSales through a robust test at your company and you’ll be a believer, too.

Connecting and Syncing Systems and Data

Sales success starts with data

DocSales connects previously disconnected databases and systems so data can move bi-directionally between your CRM, sales formalization, invoicing and billing systems.

Start with sales documents already populated with accurate CRM sales opportunity details. Finish with a CRM automatically updated with your sales wins.

Creating and Enforcing Process

Productivity through process

DocSales essentially creates a sub-funnel to help you efficiently manage sales opportunities. Each sales opportunity is tracked in real-time so you can see both individual deal details and the big picture.

Document creation and sending follow a model that cannot be altered by individual reps. By preventing unauthorized changes, you enjoy tighter control.

Some Things are Better Left to Software

DocSales eliminates manual tasks with ruthless glee. Goodbye to:

  • Starting a sales   proposal from scratch
  • Searching for content to include in a quote
  • Copying-and-pasting Terms & Conditions into a contract draft
  • Emailing your shiny new PDF from Gmail
  • Calling a prospect to confirm whether she’s reviewed it
  • Updating your CRM with the good news and a deal value
  • Creating and sending an invoice
  • Logging in to confirm that the money’s arrived

Eliminating Repetitive Tasks

Do once, repeat never…or very rarely

That’s our inspiration for adding new product features. We believe in investing a little time during setup to save a ton of time working each sales opportunity.

Areas where you save time every time, include searching for information, personalizing documents, writing and sending emails, tracking, and updating database fields and systems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sales Automation

How do I recreate my proposal and contract templates in DocSales?

You don’t; we do. Our design team creates and customizes your templates using your brand, logo, colors, typography and images. And, if your current sales docs don’t look very impressive, they will after our design team is done with them.

How do I import services and product data from my CRM into DocSales?

What you can do in less than a minute: import services and products from some CRM systems to DocSales. Add products and services to your CRM opportunity, then import them directly into your DocSales account.

How difficult is it to sync DocSales with my CRM?

It’s not; it’s simple. Copy your CRM API key and paste it into DocSales. Choose whether you want DocSales to automatically update the opportunity WON status and deal value. Click connect. It’s done! Your sales templates will be automatically created using your CRM’s opportunity details.

How is DocSales different from companies like DocuSign and HelloSign?

DocuSign and HelloSign provide e-signing. We do, too. While e-signing helps you close deals, you have to get there first. DocSales is a complete sales formalization system to manage the entire process; from creating your sales documents and negotiating the deal, to e-signing the contract.

Software that Shortens Sales Cycles



Perfectly personalized for prospects without you actually having to do very much.



Error-free quoting. Confirm details with a SOW then share by email and WhatsApp.



Branding and fine print. An error-free, close-ready contract with the T&Cs and integrated e-signing.



Closing convenience and security in a click. Simplify life for your customers and sales management.