Why DocSales

Because You’re in Sales to Win

You’re in sales to close deals and bust your monthly quota. Making it happen is easier and faster with DocSales. When you compare closing opportunities with and without DocSales, it’s not exactly a fair fight.


You confirm interest with a prospect.
She asks for a proposal.

You confirm interest with a prospect.
She asks for a proposal.


Open your Microsoft Word. Re-use an existing document. “Save As” to create a new one. Spend lots of time searching, retrieving information and manually editing. Cut-and-paste relevant content. Save it as a PDF where you and others can (hopefully) find it.

We’ve already customized a sales template library in DocSales for you. Replace your Microsoft Word hard labor with smart automation; open a template automatically populated with the sales opportunity data from your CRM. Review and make edits. That’s it. Personalize each document for every sales opportunity in just minutes with DocSales.


Manually email the PDF to prospect.

Automatically email the document link to your prospect, or send it to her via Whatsapp.


Email, text or call the prospect to confirm the proposal has been read.

SalesDocs monitors document access and emails an alert so you’ll never wonder whether it’s been read.


Prospect reviews the document on laptop/desktop/mobile. She wants some changes and has to call you or email requested changes to you.

Prospect reviews the document on laptop/desktop/mobile. She can clarify details with you via Whatsapp chat.


You revise the proposal based on phone and email feedback. Save it as a new PDF then use Gmail to  send it.

Revising your proposals is simple. Content edits and revising clauses take seconds. Email or whatsapp her a new link.


Prospect opens your revised PDF. If OK, emails or calls you to request either a formal quote or contract so she can finalize the deal.

She clicks on the link. Everything’s good so she clicks Accept. You’re automatically notified that it’s time to close the deal with a contract.


Time to turn the proposal into a formal quote/contract. Create a new document. Search for additional content and contract language like a Statement of Work, Terms and Conditions and delivery timeline. Document may require review and edits by a sales manager.

Clone the proposal. Change the template to a contract. Adding additional content sections like Statement of Work and Terms & Conditions is simple, as is adding e-signing to make them legally binding. The sales manager is notified when the contract is finished. Time is saved and delays minimized.


Manually email the PDF to your prospect. Wonder when it will be opened.

Automatically email the contract link to your prospect, or send it to her via Whatsapp.


Prospect reviews your revised PDF. If it’s OK and ready to sign, she has to print it out, sign it, rescan and email back to you as a signed PDF. Or she could take a photo and email it to you. If you need a physical copy, she’ll have to mail it to you.

If you use a third-party e-signing service, well, we didn’t have the space to describe all the extra steps to add an e-signature line to your PDF. (Just more work DocSales eliminates for you).

With integrated e-signing, finalizing the deal requires clicking the acceptance button and completing the e-signing process. That’s two clicks and about 15 seconds for her.


Upload the signed PDF into whatever system you use to manage signed contracts. This might involve some nagging from Sales Managers. Don’t forget to update the customer’s CRM account with new status (:WON) and deal value (MRR or TCV).

PDF copies of all signed documents (proposals, quotes and contracts) are archived in a secure vault and automatically emailed to you, your new customer and your sales manager. Depending on your integration preferences, your CRM sales opportunity will be updated with status and deal value. Ta da! Sales Managers don’t have to beg reps any more.


Time for invoicing. Depending on how you bill, you might have to open a separate invoicing system then add the details of the signed contract and the product/service. Or your CRM may have triggered an invoice.

DocSales is integrated with leading billing, ERP and payment systems. Ready-to-send invoices are automatically created for customers based on details of signed contracts.


Prospect receives invoice and pays using ACH, wire transfer, CC or an alternate method.

Coming Soon: Payment options inside DocSales will include commercial banks, ACH, credit cards, certain national payment methods and PayPal.


Well, that’s tiring. Definitely an unnecessarily cumbersome process with a lot of moving parts that often generates this kind of user feedback:

“We spend way too much time preparing sales paperwork and documents.”

#ThatWasEasy The number one benefit customers tell us they gain with DocSales is time. As reps become more productive, their managers typically send us feedback like this:

“Our sales reps can now create proposals in less than 10 minutes. DocSales reduced our sales cycle by 8 days.”

The Knockout

What Winning With DocSales Feels Like

“DocSales is the dorsal spine
of our services.”

Santos Assessoria (Accounting firm)
São Paulo, Brazil

“Before DocSales, our reps probably
spent 10% of their week generating
sales proposals. With DocSales,
they don’t even spend 1%.
Yes, the difference is that big.”

Rafael Oliveira, Sales Manager

The Opportunity

This section’s for you. Curious how DocSales could help your company? Let’s start with you
telling us a little bit about where you are right now:

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Software that Shortens Sales Cycles



Perfectly personalized for prospects without you actually having to do very much.



Error-free quoting. Confirm details with a SOW then share by email and WhatsApp.



Branding and fine print. An error-free, close-ready contract with the T&Cs and integrated e-signing.



Closing convenience and security in a click. Simplify life for your customers and sales management.