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Why it’s time to have a digital sales proposal

With the evolution of technology and the internet, paper is becoming obsolete. It is disappearing from the processes of large companies as they’re using technology to streamline their operations.

However, many companies still have not adapted to this change, insisting on presenting their services or products exclusively by paper. The time has come to break this barrier! Here’s everything you need to know about the importance and benefits of having a digital sales proposal.

Building a great brand

To establish the domain of a business in a new market and ensure its growth, it is essential to build a great brand. This means customers must understand and remember the quality of your products or services.

Building a great brand requires you to understand the development of technology and how it is creating new ways of relating to customers and the market as a whole. In a world in which every person is one click away from the information they seek, each company must provide easy access to knowledge about itself.

This is the main reason why online documents and transactions have become the standard for both large and small businesses.

Businesses without a digital presence tend to disappear

Think about how you get the information you need on a day-to-day basis, whether it’s about a product you want to buy, a movie you want to watch, or even a vacation you want to take. If you’re like most people, you find this information online.

There is no reason to look for information using other methods if you can access everything on the internet with the click on a mouse or tap of a finger. Therefore, companies that lack a digital presence, which helps promote customer relationships, tend to disappear.

Not having a digital presence today is like sending letters through the Post Office (i.e. out-of-date). Furthermore, obsolete services are gradually being replaced by more effective ones. This is great for businesses that are willing to adapt, as demonstrated below.

Using technology to your advantage

A digital sales proposal has several features that will improve how effective your company is in reaching its goals. In addition to the resources saved by eliminating printing, digital documents create other benefits.

Easier communication with the customer

A sales proposal is more effective when presented, not just sent. Contacting a prospect and giving a presentation on the products and services offered by your company can help a relationship develop quickly.

There’s no need to schedule lengthy meetings that require one party to travel or to have extensive phone calls. Through technology, you can link the proposal to an online conference with the customer and exchange information in real time.

Even in cases where such communication is more difficult, it is possible to develop multimedia materials, such as videos, that help highlight how your solution can help customers.

Interactive content

In addition to facilitating the contact between both parties, multimedia resources can help create more elaborate proposals. By using images, audio, and videos, you can offer more engaging material to your customers.

Another great benefit is being able to add important technical content that may be too long or impossible to include in a physical document.

Finally, in a digital environment, you can direct customers to customized information via hyperlinks. This way, you can provide an overview of the essential information and allow customers to explore the details in-depth by placing them in an easily accessible portion of your website.

Increased security

Printed documents can be easily lost. This is a big problem for any company. An even worse problem? Printed material, such as a list of important contacts, being maliciously used by third parties, thus harming your company

A digital sales proposal is the safest way to establish a relationship between your company and your customers. Digital proposals eliminate the risk that important documents will fall into the wrong hands or be misplaced.

In addition, you can create a digital signature, enabling your customers to directly send you a response, without having to wait for weeks or months for snail mail.

Reputation and trust

Technology can lead to greater trust as a digital presence shows that your business is professional and credible.

Therefore, technology must be an ally of your company, a tool to differentiate you from the competition. Having digital sales proposals helps you remain one step ahead of the competition and ensure your customers trust.

To make the leap, you must develop professional sales proposals. Your proposals should be customized to fit your company and display what you offer customers.

You can find several ready-made templates on the internet, but you should avoid them if possible. A standard template is limited because it doesn’t include all the information required for different types of business. 

Remember that a digital sales proposal is like a business card for your company: it’s the first step to a good relationship with your customers!

Want to develop a perfect sales proposal for your company? Contact us and get started now.

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