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Best selling practices

6 problems that salesperson goes through

Many salespeople share similar problems in their day-to-day work which, if not handled properly, can lead to failure. Like other professions, sales require continuous training

What is Lifetime Value?

Creating a successful company is no easy task. Entrepreneurs need to take care of every detail and face many challenges on the road to success.

Value proposition
Best selling practices

Value proposition: How much does it cost?

In any business segment, there will always be competitors. Out of these competitors, one or two will be the market leaders. Your ability to compete

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Sales pipeline: get all your questions here!

A sales pipeline shows the main parts of the sales process. Generally speaking, this means the steps that a salesperson takes while selling: initiating contact

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Why automate sales proposal processes

Why automate sales proposal processes? Suggested titles:  6 reasons you should automate your sales proposals 6 benefits of automating your sales proposals Sales automation: The