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Learn how to avoid reworking sales proposals

Reworking means redoing the same task that, for some reason, was initially completed in the wrong manner or misaligned with business objectives. In the case

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Price of services: How to set price

From the launch of a service to the moment it is “delivered” to the consumer, the processes performed by a company ultimately end their trajectory

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Sales pipeline: get all your questions here!

A sales pipeline shows the main parts of the sales process. Generally speaking, this means the steps that a salesperson takes while selling: initiating contact

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Why automate sales proposal processes

Why automate sales proposal processes? Suggested titles:  6 reasons you should automate your sales proposals 6 benefits of automating your sales proposals Sales automation: The

How to offer discounts on subscriptions?

Knowing the right way to offer discounts on products or services can be the difference between living and dying in the current market. Many entrepreneurs