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Best selling practices

The 6 mistakes you can’t afford to make

Developing a sales proposal is not as easy as it sounds. It requires more than your company’s contact information, product details, pricing, forms of payment,

Best selling practices

7 tips for regaining lost customers

A good salesperson knows that keeping current customers happy is equally important as winning new customers. After all, loyal customers spend more and stay longer,

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Learn how to avoid reworking sales proposals

Reworking means redoing the same task that, for some reason, was initially completed in the wrong manner or misaligned with business objectives. In the case

Best selling practices

Learn how to make a sales proposal

A sales proposal is an opportunity to introduce your company to a new business. The first impression is important as your proposal will determine how

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Best selling practices

How to follow up during the sales process

After creating a sales proposal, following up is one of the most important steps. Very few sales are completed with just the initial contact. Therefore,