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What is Lifetime Value?

Creating a successful company is no easy task. Entrepreneurs need to take care of every detail and face many challenges on the road to success.

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Value proposition: How much does it cost?

In any business segment, there will always be competitors. Out of these competitors, one or two will be the market leaders. Your ability to compete

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Sales pipeline: get all your questions here!

A sales pipeline shows the main parts of the sales process. Generally speaking, this means the steps that a salesperson takes while selling: initiating contact

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Why automate sales proposal processes

Why automate sales proposal processes? Suggested titles:  6 reasons you should automate your sales proposals 6 benefits of automating your sales proposals Sales automation: The

Best selling practices

7 ways to leverage technology in sales

Every business needs to refine its marketing strategies to ensure more sales and consequently achieve more earnings. Given the high competitiveness of the current days